Processed Food Business

We Sell Frozen Foods for Commercial and Home Use. We focus on seafood ingredients.

In addition to grilled and simmered fish, which are among the top of sales in Japan, we also provide convenient frozen foods focused on seafood ingredients, such as fried seafood, "Ocean King" imitation crab meat, and boneless slices, to food service, industrial catering, medical and nursing care facilities, and other customers. For home use, we provide grilled and simmered fish and so on, to supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores. As delicious, high-added value products, the Sea Marché retail product brand offers selected seafood processed with advanced technology.

Supermarket deli sections

Developing and Selling Shelf Stable Products such as Canned Products and Seafood Delicacies

we have been producing canned products since 1949. We have a wide variety of canned seafood such as mackerel, sardines, salmon, crab, as well as meat and agricultural products. We also sell seafood delicacies such as squid jerky and health products such as DHA supplements.

Announcement of new products

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