Food Business

Selling 1,000+ Types of Frozen Foods for Commercial and Home Use

In addition to selling raw fish products such as sushi toppings to conveyor belt sushi stores, we also sell the Dandori Jozu series, including boneless fillets, as well as grilled, boild, and pickled fish, not only to restaurants but also to nursing facilities and home delivery service.
We also provide frozen foods for home use and are expanding sales based on the theme of "utilizing the strengths of Kyokuyo to propose seafood side dishes."

Supermarket deli sections

Developing and Selling Staple Products Such as Canned Foods and Seafood Delicacies at Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

Our shelf-stable food has a long history since we started manufacturing canned foods in 1949.
We now offer canned fish such as skipjack, salmon, and crab, as well as products such as our Sea Marché brand, and are focusing on strengthening our range of products.
We also sell seafood delicacies and health foods such as glucosamine and DHA.

Announcement of new products

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