Business Expansion

Four Business Fields

As a general foods company with a focus on fishery products, Kyokuyo deals with everything from procurement to processing and sales. Ever since starting business in 1937 as a fishing company, we have leveraged our capabilities cultivated over long years as a seafood professional to deliver the bounty of the ocean from around the world to Japan, and from Japan to the rest of the world.

Business Flow

As a general foods company that focuses on fishery products, Kyokuyo has conducted business in the three fields of procurement, processing, and sales since its establishment in 1937.
We leverage our ability to handle the upstream and downstream aspects of fishery products to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality foods worldwide.


Procurement by a Seafood Professional

Kyokuyo utilizes its long years of experience handling fishery products, cooperation between group companies, and its network of trusted relationships with business partners in Japan and overseas to purchase a wide range of fishery products from around the world.
Our employees head to the place of production to check quality with the eyes of a fishery products professional. In addition to purchasing, we also catch skipjack and raise fish such as bluefin tuna and sea bream, which is one of our unique strengths when it comes to procurement.

Full-life-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna


Highly Specialized Processing for Various Needs

In addition to selling the fishery product we procure, we also process it at group companies and partner factories according to the needs of consumers and our customers in the restaurant and mass retail industries.
We select factories suitable for specialized products such as sushi toppings, sliced fish, grilled fish, boiled fish, and fried fish to produce high-quality products. When performing production, our purchasers and product developers supervise production in order to convey detailed customer needs, and quality management staff supervise sanitation.



Our Sales Network in Japan and Overseas

Seven Kyokuyo branches and affiliates in Japan sell our products via a wide range of routes, including conveyor belt sushi stores, restaurants, and pubs, as well as supermarket seafood and side dish sections, convenience stores, office catering, and nursing facilities.
Our network of overseas group companies actively develops business opportunities for globalizing the consumption of fish, via initiatives such as selling frozen sushi and sushi toppings to EU member countries.



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