Product Development

Three Product Development Concepts at Kyokuyo

Focusing on Strengths

We started as a fishing company and strive for product development that utilizes our unique strengths in raw material procurement and production technologies as a comprehensive food company that really knows seafood.

Meeting Market Demand

We pursue added value called "time saving" that promotes health and reduces cooking times.
We pursue the customer-oriented development of products that capture market trends and environmental changes, as well as what customers want, rather than what they need, such as instant food that can eliminate cooking time to meet the needs of food for commercial businesses that are facing labor shortages and single serve meals to meet the needs of single person households.

Increasing Corporate Value

We promote manufacturing as a company trusted by our stakeholders via product development from the perspective of contributing to the solution of social problems, such as reducing environmental impact by saving energy and resources, recycling waste and effectively utilizing resources, and conserving biodiversity.

Trial to develop products

Developing the Dandori Jozu Series

Responding to the Aging Society and Labor Shortages

The Dandori Jozu series was released in the fall of 2013 as a new series of boneless sliced fish products. Development on this product started in 2011.
Based on the demand for boneless sliced fish from a rapidly aging society, we asked our laboratory to develop a product that can be cooked while frozen and has a soft texture and little fishy smell.
The other requirement was that the laboratory develop a manufacturing method that can be patented, in order to differentiate from our competitors, some of which have already obtained process patents for boneless sliced fish.
After a period of trial-and-error, we successfully created a unique manufacturing process that meets these conditions and were able to obtain a process patent. Since the fact that the product can be cooked while frozen was popular in kitchens facing labor shortages, we further refined the product to release grilled fish and boiled fish products that can also be ready for eating after simply defrosting.
We are also expanding the product lineup to include soft foods and mousses for elderly or sick customers that have trouble swallowing.

The Dandori Jozu series


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