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Comprehensive Sales of Raw Fish Products such as Sushi Toppings or Sashimi, and Tuna Products

We comprehensively sell raw fish products such as sushi toppings or sashimi, which are top class sales in Japan, and tuna products, which are often served raw. We are specializing in sushi toppings and sell them to the restaurant industry, including conveyor belt sushi stores, and the seafood and prepared foods sections of supermarkets. We are also expanding sales to overseas conveyor belt sushi stores with spread of the practice of eating raw fish around the world.

Supermarket deli sections

The strength of tuna business is integrated operation from raw material procurement to processing and sales. We process the high-quality skipjack caught by our group-owned purse seiners into our own products such as katsuo tataki, and also land them in Japan for sashimi, skipjack flakes, and canned fish, which are used in a wide range of fields. We farm bluefin tuna in Shikoku and provide "Hon-Maguro no Kiwami" .

Demand of marine products is increasing worldwide and the sustainability of marine resources becomes more important. Under the situation, strengthening access to resources is an important issue. To ensure a stable supply of marine products, we are diversifying its farmed fish species beyond bluefin tuna, such as sea bream or yellowtail.

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