Conserving Biodiversity

Farming bluefin tuna for aquaculture

Interest in the sustainability of marine resources has been increasing globally as difficulties in securing marine resources over the world arise due to overfishing and illegal fishing methods and operations.
The world needs ways of fishing that appropriately conserve and effectively utilize marine resources, while considering ecosystems and preventing overfishing.
As a corporation that handles marine resources, we strive for the sustainable and effective use of ocean resources.

The fishing of bluefin tuna, a type of tuna particularly beloved by the Japanese and considered a luxury item, is internationally regulated due to concerns about marine resources conservation. In 2007, we established Kyokuyo Marine Farm Co., Ltd. in Kochi Prefecture to begin farm bluefin tuna.
In order to respond to market demand while tackling the problem of marine resources depletion and minimizing the impact on ecosystems, we established Kyokuyo Nippai Marine Co., Ltd. (currently Kyokuyo Feed One Marine Co., Ltd.) in Ehime Prefecture in 2012 to commercialize full-life-cycle bluefin tuna farming via everything from seedl production to fishfarming and sales.
In November 2017, we shipped our Hon-Maguro no Kiwami TUNAGU full-life-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna product for the first time.

Hon-Maguro no Kiwami TUNAGU full-life-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna product

Obtaining MSC/ASC CoC Certification for Responsible Seafood Supply

The Kyokuyo Group started handling MSC/ASC certified products in 2006 and has been steadily increasing the amount and types of registered fish since then.
When handling certified products, we provide in-house training to the person in charge of the particular fish type and product for registration, as well as those concerned with purchasing and sales.
This training starts with understanding the necessity for conserving biodiversity and effectively using marine resources, and also teaches that these certified products lead to improved corporate value and contribute to a sustainable society.
In summer 2019, we exceeded 30 registered types of fish and 200 employees that received training.
The Kyokuyo Group promotes awareness on Sustainable Development Goal 14, "Life Below Water" via these activities.

MSC/ASC CoC Certification

Joining the Marine Eco-Label Japan Council

Marine Eco-Label Japan (MEL) is a Japanese labeling system for seafood that certifies fisheries and aquaculture that actively works to conserve resources and ecosystems so that they can be optimally used for future generations and contributes to the achievement of SDGs and new development in the Japanese fishing industries.
In June 2018, Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. joined the Marine Eco-Label Japan Council, the scheme owner of MEL. By joining this council, we contribute to the sustainable use of marine resources and the conservation of ecosystems, and help pass on the highly diverse Japanese seafood culture to future generations.

The Marine Eco-Label Japan

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