Environmental Management

The Kyokuyo Group's Approach to Environmental Management

As a food producer, the Kyokuyo Group and all of our employees are promoting efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities in order to use marine and other resources efficiently and provide safe and reliable food products.
In promoting environmental conservation activities that consistently take into account effects on the environment, the entire Kyokuyo Group attained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management, in December 2004.
In fisical 2017, Kyokuyo Group certfied with ISO14001 completed their certification update to ISO14001:2015.
We will promote our environmental conservation activities under our environmental management system.

Environmental Management System

We hold Environmental Conservation Committee meetings led by the president twice a year to evaluate the appropriateness, suitability, and effectiveness of our environmental activities, and these meetings are attended by leaders of affiliated companies, domestic sales branches and operating departments.
We also share information across the group to help formulate plans and promote improvements at each company.

Internal environmental audits are generally conducted every year at plant sites and twice every two years at office sites in order to probe a wide range of issues related to the environment, including CSR elements. If any concerns regarding external factors arise, they are included as important topics in the checklist and procedure for that year so that mutual checks can be conducted regarding the effectiveness of our activities.

Environmental Conservation Organizational Chart

Details of Integrated Certification Registration

On December 26, 2018, the Kyokuyo Group updated its registration of ISO14001 integrated certification.

Registered name The Kyokuyo Group
Registered number JSAE 1692
Date of registration December 18, 2002
Expiration period December 17, 2020
Applicable standards ISO14001:2015 ・ JIS Q 14001:2015
Registered office
  • Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. (Japan) (inland only)

Affiliated companies

  • Kyokuyo Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuyo Suisan Co., Ltd. (inland only)
  • Kyokuyo Sougou Service Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuyo Fresh Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuyo Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Head Office / Shiogama Plant, Hitachinaka Plant, and Hachinohe Plant
  • Kyokuyo Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuyo Akitsu Reizo Co., Ltd. Head Office/Jonanjima Office, Tokyo Office, Fukuoka Office, and Logistics Division
  • Kaiyo Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Integrate System Service Co., Ltd. Head Office and Shinjuku Center
Scope of registration Sales, technical development, manufacturing, logistics, and insurance regarding seafood trading and processed foods at the above registered offices
Registration authority Japanese Standards Association Solutions Co.,LTD.

Download ISO14001 registration form


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