Marine Products Business

As a Group of Seafood Professionals, We Travel Around the World to Conduct Procurement, Processing, and Sales

Marine Products Business is our main business that has grown on the world stage since we started as a fishing company in 1937.As seafood professionals, we have a keen eye for quality marine products, and our strength lies in the domestic and international procurement networks we have built up over the years. Through our domestic and foreign branch offices, sales offices, representative offices, and affiliated companies, we stably procure high quality marine products from all over the world, and process and sell them to meet various needs, such as fillets, crabs, and peeled shrimps. We sell purchased marine raw materials to seafood processors and wholesale markets, and provide processed products to the food service industry and supermarkets.

About overseas business, we focused on export of marine products caught in Japan and in offshore trade. But we are changing our direction. Under the policy “Abroad production of abroad consumption.”, we are expanding our overseas production bases in Southeast Asia and the United States.

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