Overseas Business

Expanding Sales in the Overseas Market

We establish local companies and representative offices at our major sites overseas, build relationships of trust with business partners around the world, and procure and sell processed products in addition to marine products.

As economic development in emerging Southeast Asian economies such as China leads to increased consumption and global demand for seafood continues to expand, we focus on third-country trading via overseas processing and the exporting of Japanese fish in addition to traditional importing, and promote increased overseas expansion by actively developing overseas markets such as the United States and Europe.

Meeting the Global Demand for Seafood Consumption

We have established a system that enables us to process seafood products according to a wide range of customer needs on the supply side, and thereby meet the booming global demand for Japanese food and sushi.
Sushi toppings are processed at a joint venture in Thailand called K&U Enterprise Co., Ltd., and exported to more than 20 countries.
We will continue to promote the diversification and expansion of overseas production sites in various fields such as processing and cultivation, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.

Processing at a joint venture in Thailand called K&U Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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