Kyokuyo has a well-established reputation for high-quality products due to our procurement capabilities and processing technologies accumulated over many years as a seafood professional.

With the company’s seven branches and four offices in Japan, as well as our local subsidiaries and affiliated companies overseas, Kyokuyo has various sales channels, both domestic and international.

Based on following five business pillars, Kyokuyo delivers the bounty of the sea to dining tables through products for home use aimed at mass retailers and convenience stores, in addition to products for industrial use such as in menu items at conveyor-belt sushi restaurants chains and Japanese-style pubs and company cafeteria menus.

Moreover, our Sea Marché retail product brand, nurtured by our experience as a fishery company, delivers our strengths from sourcing raw materials to processing and sales, combined with our meticulous care for quality.


Marine Products Purchasing Business

f0f5362af0f172b497197a14138f3962-1024x768Kyokuyo’s Marine Products Purchasing business not only procures a stable supply of fishery products from oceans around the world, providing them as food materials, but also processes products meeting a variety of needs.

Having started out as a fishing company, Kyokuyo now has a global network built up over 80 long years with acute insight for screening good quality marine products. Kyokuyo has established local subsidiaries and representative offices in the United States, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, and other major overseas bases, building relationships of trust with business partners throughout the world in procuring not only fishery materials but also processed products

Frozen Foods Business

sushiThe Frozen Foods business provides frozen foods for cooking for both industrial and home use. These includes frozen seafood products, processed meat, and frozen vegetables, all processed at Kyokuyo Group plants.

Kyokuyo has directly operated and subcontracted plants both in Japan and overseas, creating a system that enables us to process a wide range of products in accordance with customer’s needs, from sushi toppings to grilled/boiled fish products to “Ocean King”  imitation crab meat.

In response to the Japanese food boom and sushi boom that are expanding across the globe, Kyokuyo is processing seafood for sushi toppings through KUE, our joint venture company in Thailand, and exporting these products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

With regard to products for the Japanese market, Kyokuyo’s Dandori Jozu series of boneless fillet and grilled fish products—developed as catering products that are easy to prepare and also easy for elderly people to eat—has been very well-received particularly by hospitals and nursing care facilities.

Specializing in fish raw materials, Kyokuyo’s frozen foods for home use are sold as high-added-value products that utilize the company’s unique strengths, and these frozen foods have been favourably received.

Shelf-Stable Foods Business

tunaThe Shelf-Stable Foods business handles canned seafood such as skipjack, salmon, and crab as well as seafood delicacies and health food products such as glucosamine.
We are also accelerating the expansion and strengthening of our processed food businesses, thereby further stabilizing profits as a seafood professional.



Tuna Business

kiwamiThe Tuna business overseas all tuna-related operations, from fishing and farming to purchasing, processing, and marketing of skipjack and other tuna.
Kyokuyo Group has independent sourcing capabilities for good-quality skipjack and other species with its own five tuna purse-seine fishing vessels.
In order to protect limited marine resources and ensure a stable supply of tuna, Kyokuyo is developing a bluefin tuna farming business in Shikoku. Our original brand Hon-maguro no Kiwami has been very well received by customers.
In addition, we are following initiatives towards a full-life cycle aquaculture business, which does not rely on natural juvenile fish.


Logistics Business

logisticsThe Logistics business provides logistics services, centering on the Cold Storage business.
Kyokuyo Akitsu Reizo Co., Ltd. has established four refrigerated warehouses in three major bases — Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka — with the aim of improving and expanding logistics activities in order to enhance distribution functions, and is endeavouring to further expand business and improve services.


Research and Development

6b9e0b68323960c87fd576d6815e4d47-1024x684The mission of the Kyokuyo Group is to effectively use precious animal-based proteins and other food resources that are essential to our diet, and to realize wholesome eating habits with safe and reliable products. Led by our research laboratory in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture, and the manufacturing development factory located on its grounds, we conduct research on fish-based protein and fat as well as other areas of fishery science, basic research on food hygiene and safety, and new product development of frozen foods, shelf-stable foods and more. From here, we also develop original technologies, improve the stability of new product development and quality by providing production technology guidance, and develop and improve our manufacturing technologies for processing marine products. The laboratory also conducts research in various fields including freshness preservation of farmed bluefin tuna.
We pursue product development with a consumer-led focus to meet changing market needs in terms of consumer lifestyles and other social trends, such as the falling birthrate and aging society in Japan and the information age. Twice a year in spring and fall, we invite the media and our business partners to new product announcements ahead of business talks about the products.
Furthermore, in order to provide products that are safe and trustworthy, the Kyokuyo Group has incorporated the HACCP and assigned full-time product quality managers to our main plants.
Overseas, we established a Food Safety Management Section at the Qingdao Representative Office in China, and have also assigned full-time Japanese quality-control staff at our Representative Offices in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City in order to ensure across-the-board product quality/sanitary control.


Through Compliance and Environmental Management

5984ca44dc92603adcae36a349c0bff9-1024x768Last but by no means least, what are essential for ensuring the sustainability of our business activities going forward are across-the-board implementation of compliance and strengthening of environmental management.
As the basic policy of our compliance system, the Kyokuyo Group has established the Corporate Action Charter and the Basic Compliance Rules based on our Corporate Philosophy and the Standards of Conduct.
Furthermore, in addition to fostering greater awareness amongst management personnel through workshops and other measures, we are also endeavouring to operate our internal auditing and whistle-blowing systems appropriately.
Moreover, in order to strengthen management that takes environmental concerns into consideration, Kyokuyo is proactively implementing measures as a food manufacturer to utilize fishery resources efficiently and reduce the environmental load generated by our business activities.
As a general food company with our specialty being fish, Kyokuyo will continue to deliver safe & trustworthy products, the bounty of the sea, to dining tables worldwide.