Fully Sustained Farm Raised Bluefin Tuna

Original Brand “Hon-Maguro no Kiwami TUNAGU”

Kyokuyo Feed One Marine Co.,Ltd. is a joint company between Kyokuyo Co.,Ltd. and Feed One Co.,Ltd. In November 2017, we started sales of Fully Sustained Farm Raised Bluefin Tuna.

Tuna cutting performance

Full cycle farm raised of Bluefin tuna


This completely sustained method frees us from the dependence of natural resources.

Characteristic of TUNAGU


High quality of Bluefin Tuna “TUNAGU” is from the collaboration between professionals from marine biologist to the specialized feed industry.

Kyokuyo Co.,Ltd. has over 80 years of history as a strong leader in the seafood industry. Feed One Co., Ltd. is one of the top producers in the feed industry.

Due to their knowledge and technology, we have been able to create the bright color of Akami which will maintain its color long term.


Feature of farming site

Kyokuyo Feed One Marine Co., Ltd. is located in Uwakai area which is Southwestern part of Shikoku islands in Japan.
It’s great place for farming Bluefin Tuna. Because of currents of climate.

The Pacific bluefin tuna farm of Kyokuyo Marine Farm Co., Ltd.
Fully sustained farm raised bluefin tuna

4concepts for “TUNAGU” – Meaning of TUNAGU to CONNECT

4 concepts for TUNAGU

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